We match qualified employees to help your business succeed.

Hiring and retaining staff is probably one of the most important tasks on the farm. Take time and do it right. We can help narrow down the field for you and send you applicants that suit your need. In the business of everyday farm life you don’t always have time to look through dozens of applicants, accept phone calls and do a reference check on everyone. We also can help with Immigration and Work permits through our Immigration Consultant on staff.

How to send your job to us

Fill in our form to send your job.

Please note:  We are increasing advertising and LMIA fees beginning in Jan 2019.  (prices currently advertised have been in effect for last 5 years) 

We have three services we offer:

# 1

  • One on one service
  • Canada wide advertising
  • Pre-screening of employees
  • Reference check on applicants that interest you
  • Up to two months of searching per fee (full time & management- one month posting for other positions
  • We post your jobs and write your ads
  • Resumes provided - you choose the best candidate

#1 - All the above services are included with the initial fee as below: Full time $275.00 Seasonal $200.00 (3 months to a year) Temporary $150.00 (under 3 months) Casual $ 100.00 (under one month) Placement fee of the same value as initial fee will be invoiced upon hiring of employee WE have sent. (after 2 week trial) Note: If advertising more than one position in one order subsequent orders will be at a reduced rate (sur-charge) Ask us about this.

# 2 Want to receive resumes yourself? We will post your job, write the ad and include your contact information so you receive resumes directly for $175.00 per month.

# 3 - Full service hiring package. We go the extra mile to make sure the candidate is the right fit. We also do extra advertising on other sites and do a minimum of 3 reference checks, criminal check and driver abstracts. This service works best if you have some time for hiring person. We would prefer a minimum of two months. Complete package priced at $1250 (advertising, screening, clearances) and $750.00 placement fee after a one month trial.

Interested in Hiring from other countries? We can help with this process by advertising your position for you and being your 3rd party representative!  We cannot screen applicants for you with this process, your name and contact information must be in the ad. Once agreement is made to advertise a deposit of half the fee is required. The LMIA process can be fairly straight forward but it must be done right - we do have experience in this and can answer most of your questions. We have obtained our third party status (ICCRC) license! Heather Desaultels is our ICCRC specialist and can help you with the process. Note: Canadian Immigration has final say on who is allowed to work in Canada. They do not give any fees paid to them back if denial has been made on a particular employee. Debit, Visa/Mastercard or cheque accepted.

Fees for LMIA:   $950  - One applicant approval  ($100 per additional applicant)  + $25.00 disbursements fee

Fees include:  3rd Party representation on files.  (ICCRC)

                        Advertising and reactivating on 4 sites until LMIA approval

                       LMIA Preparation, advice and submission.

                      Advice and instruction on how to apply for Work Permits


LMIA Advertising:  We are a national employment agency so can advertise for your LMIA's or SAWP applications.  We have reduced rates for this ad.  Please call for rates!