Job Code: 
Number of Vacancies: 
Job Posting Length: 
Four weeks
Canadian Workers or Foreign workers with work permit
Business Operation: 
Mixed Farming
Cattle production/sales
Employment Terms: 
Permanent (year round)
Bow Island
Provincial Area: 
Southern Alberta
Marketed to: 
Male or Female
Employer Info: 

South Island Farms 

Wage and Benefits
Wage Rate: 
Based on experience and past performance
Wage Info: 
Dependent on Experience
Benefits Available
Worker Accommodation: 
No accommodation
Accommodation Value: 
No accommodation available
Experience and Education
Driver's License (required): 
Job Experience: 
1-2 years
Job Duties
Beef cattle
Farm Machinery: 
Feed Truck
Truck - Trailer
Skid Steer

Reporting to the Manager, The Senior Penchecker’s job is to ensure cattle health is being proactively monitored and maintained, every day. From checking pens, to treating cattle to everything up to the day they are shipped, cattle health must be the focus every step of the way.



- Cleaning water basins on daily basis

- Proactively checking all pens daily to detect cattle health

- Pulling and treating cattle based on protocols

- Enter daily records and pulling reports

- Processing of cattle

- Discuss daily performance and health with Manager

- Overall cattle, pen and supplies inventory management

- General cleaning of barn areas

- Mending fences within the feedlot, and general feedlot maintenance

- Potentially assist in bedding cattle

- Potentially operate front-end loader and skidsteer for feedlot maintenance

- Sorting, loading and unloading of cattle

- Working within a team environment geared up to get things done and have fun!

Job Description: 

Do you love working with Cattle?    You belong here !!!

We are a family-owned, 5000 head feedlot in Bow Island, Alberta seeking a knowledgeable and skilled Senior Pen Checker with 1-2 years of experience minimum.

Are you professional, positive, reliable, responsible, good-humoured, and all around great team player? Are you hard working and have an overall awesome work ethic?

Are you great with cattle and know your way around the pen from checking to pulling to treating and processing? If so, and you’re ready to join our team with good wages, opportunities for growth into a supervisor position, along with health benefits (and other perks!), email your resume to us today!

We'd love to hear from you!



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Apply to be part of our team with good wages, health benefits (and other pluses) today! 


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 We'd love to hear from you! 


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