Job Posted Aug 1, 2023

Number of Vacancies:

Job Posting Length:
Five weeks

Canadian Workers or Permanent Residents

Business Operation:
Mixed Farm and Seed Growing operation.

Farm Position

Employment Terms:
Permanent (year-round)

City:  Ponoka

Provincial Area:
Central Alberta

Marketed to:
Canadians or Permanent Residents.


Employer Info:

SimCo Seeds is a family farm looking for a new team member responsible for
assisting in various tasks related to farm operations. This position typically involves working on a farm in
the province of Alberta, Canada, where the primary focus is on crop cultivation, livestock management,
and overall farm maintenance. The role requires physical stamina, an understanding of farming
practices, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Wage and Benefits

Wage Rate:
Competitive Wages

Wage Info:
Dependent on Experience

Worker Accommodation:
Willing to help locate housing in the area or Ponoka.

Experience and Education

Driver’s License (required):


Job Experience:
2-3 years

Job Duties

Cow/Calving, Poultry and Sheep.

Farm Machinery:
Grain Farm machinery, augers, seed cleaning and treating equipment, Feeding equpiment.

Full time position available on our Farm.

Job Description:

Job duties : Key Responsibilities:
1. Crop Cultivation:
– Assisting in planting, tending, and harvesting crops such as wheat, barley, canola, and
other agricultural products commonly grown in Alberta.
– Operating and maintaining farm machinery and equipment, including tractors, seeders,
combines, and irrigation systems.

2. Livestock Management:
– Feeding, watering, and caring for livestock, which may include cattle, sheep, poultry, or
other farm animals.
–  Cleaning and maintaining animal pens and barns to ensure a clean and healthy
environment for the animals.
3. General Farm Maintenance:
–  Conducting routine maintenance and repairs of farm buildings, fences, and equipment.
– Assisting with pest control measures and monitoring the overall health and well-being
of crops and livestock.

4. Seasonal Duties:
– Adapting to seasonal changes and specific farming requirements, such as preparing
fields in the spring, harvesting in the summer and fall, and winterizing equipment and
5. Safety and Compliance:
–  Complying with farm safety standards and regulations to ensure a safe working
– Following protocols for the handling and storage of farm chemicals and hazardous
6. Team Collaboration:
–  Collaborating with other farm workers and supervisors to accomplish daily tasks
–  Communicating effectively with team members to coordinate activities and address any
challenges that may arise.
7. Miscellaneous Tasks:
–  Assisting with farm-related duties as needed, such as packaging and loading harvested
crops, repairing fences, or maintaining farm vehicles.


Additional information : Qualifications and Skills:
–  Must have a valid drivers & #3 license and will consider getting a class 1 drivers
license in the future with support from SimCo Seeds.
– Physical Fitness: Farm hands must be physically fit and able to handle the demands of the job,
including lifting heavy objects and working outdoors in various weather conditions.
–  Farming Knowledge: Basic knowledge of farming practices, crop cultivation, and livestock care is
–  Mechanical Skills: Familiarity with operating and maintaining farm machinery is an advantage.
– Adaptability: Willingness to adapt to seasonal changes and varied tasks throughout the year.
– Team Player: Ability to work well with others in a team-oriented environment.
– Problem-Solving: Resourcefulness and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges that may
arise on the farm.
– Safety Conscious: Understanding and adherence to safety guidelines and protocols.

Position Available anytime. At the moment only Canadians or Permanent Residents may apply.  

How to apply:

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