Job Code: 
Number of Vacancies: 
Job Posting Length: 
Two months
Canadian Workers or Permanent Residents
Business Operation: 
Farm Manager
Employment Terms: 
Permanent (year round)
Provincial Area: 
South Central Saskatchewan
Marketed to: 
Male or Female
Employer Info: 

Ceylon Gap Feeders Located at Box 128 Ceylon, Sask. NW 26-5-20 W2

KEY WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: The General Feedlot Manager will have regular daily communication with their employees including supervisors, Front End Crew Workers, Pen Checkers, Feed Persons and Mechanic. The General Feedlot Manager will have frequent communication with the Board of Directors Liaison. Regular weekly and emergency contact with veterinarians and nutritionists is required. The General Feedlot Manager will also have frequent communication with office staff as required. The General Feedlot Manager will have regular communication with customers, contractors and delivery personnel.

English Speaking Workplace 

Wage and Benefits
Wage Rate: 
Wage Info: 
Health, Dental after 3 months RRSP matching after 1 year
Worker Accommodation: 
No accommodation
Experience and Education
Driver's License (required): 
Driver's License (asset): 
5, 3 or 1A
High School or equivalent experience
Job Experience: 
2-3 years
Job Duties
Beef cattle
Crop harvest: 
Farm Machinery: 
Skid Steer
  • Direct feedlot and feed mill expansion projects.
  • Monitor and evaluate all cattle health protocols are followed for processing, re-handling, ear audits and implants for optimal cattle health.
  • Monitor and evaluate procedures to protect against the introduction and/or spread of diseases amongst cattle.
  • Ensure accurate records of all cattle and feedlot activities, including, but not limited to incoming cattle notes, treatment records, implant schedules, ear audits, financial records, machinery repairs, safety issues, personnel issues, etc.
  • Report and advise customers of when cattle are ready for market.
  • Direct, monitor and evaluate productivity of staff that directly report to him/her.
  • Identify risks and develop, implement, monitor and evaluate strategies to mitigate or reduce risk and potential impact. 
  • Monitor and evaluate health and safety procedures and programs to minimize risk in the workplace.
  • Monitor and evaluate food safety procedures, such as strategies for traceability, risk management and water management.
  •  Monitor and evaluate procedures that support environmental sustainability and minimize productions impact on the environment.
  •  Monitor and evaluate procedures for the maintenance of pens and cattle accommodations to maintain health and safety of cattle.
  • Monitor and evaluate procedures for providing high quality feed and water to cattle.
  • Monitor inventory of feed ingredients, shop supplies, medical supplies and other supplies. Issue purchase order numbers when ordering supplies.
  • Communicate with CGF Commodity Procurement Manager to ensure adequate supply.
  • Review accuracy of feed bills prepared by office administrator.
  • Review accuracy and appropriateness of all expenses.
  • Monitor and evaluate procedures for cleaning and maintaining the feed mill.
  • Monitor and evaluate procedures for moving cattle from one location to another, including shipping and receiving cattle, completing weight sorts and checking cattle for drug withdrawal times.
  • Direct and monitor the management, use and maintenance of facilities, infrastructure, equipment and supplies.
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers to communicate pen space availability, schedules of incoming cattle, quality of cattle, progress reports, and cattle performance.
  • Other Duties as assigned by the Board of Directors Liaison.
Skills Required
Skills Required: 
Manage inventory
Manage billing
Computer Skills
Customer Service PR
Job Description: 


The General Feedlot Manager generally works 5 days per week, occasionally working on weekends to ensure critical coverage. The Feedlot Manager’s schedule is subject to change suddenly to deal with emergencies at the feedlot. Regular working hours for the General Feedlot Manager are 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM, but could work earlier or later to meet organizational needs. The General Feedlot Manager is exposed to all environmental conditions while working outdoors. This includes, but not limited to exposure to the elements such as sun, wind, rain, snow, hot and cold temperatures. The Feedlot Manager should wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions each day. The Feedlot Manager will spend a variable amount of time sitting at a desk completing required reporting duties.


  • Take care of cattle first! Every reasonable effort should be made to ensure cattle are happy, healthy and comfortable. If anything is amiss on the feedlot, rectify the situation or report the problem immediately to ensure a low-stress environment is maintained for the cattle.
  • Make a good first impression! Feedlots should be well organized and maintained to demonstrate the type of care and consideration we are also provide to the cattle. Do your part to ensure a good first impression and report any problems to your manager immediately.
  • We are beef producers and must focus on food safety! Ensure we follow all food safety, veterinary and cattle handling guidelines to eliminate changes of any food contaminationJob Description: General Feedlot Manager
  • Attract and keep customers. Keeping our existing customers is priority number one. We can do that by treating their cattle as if they were our own. Our customers trust us with an important investment and we must do everything we can to protect their investment and ensure healthy gains.
  • Treat all employees with respect and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Communicate with manager about any workplace issues.
  • Be flexible and perform duties as workload necessitates.
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Applications must be updated resumes including working references and cover letter.

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