Poulty Farm

Picking up mortality. Checking and adjusting ventilation and temperature, 3-5 times daily. Checking water pressure and feedlineto make sure everything works properly. typical maintenance.

Barn Cleaning

Remove manure and complete blow down of barn. Remove leftover feed. Generally takes 1 day per bam, pending barn size. Pressure wash whole interior and equipment with soap and hot water, then disinfect whole barn. Generally 1 day per barn. Set up barn with fresh straw or shavings, lower feed and water lines and adjust level for new chicks Generally 1 day per barn.

Work Schedule

Most larms got every other weekend off during the flock (12 days on, 2 days off) but is
negotiable. Each flock is an eight week cycle. Either 32-34 days in, 22-24 days for clean
out if growing small birds 0.70kgsi or 40:42 days in and 14 16 days for clean out for big

Typical farm sizes in Southern Alberta are 40000 to 120000 birds